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YouTube Money Brands

I was peeking around YouTube today. Specifically, I was checking out the most subscribed channels of all time:

You may or may not know this, but when you start to get a ton of subscribers, and tons of “views” on your videos…

YouTube will happily make you a paid content provider. They will pay you to simply continue to create videos.

Check it out:

I have it on good authority that some partners are making upwards of $10K a month.


Back to the point.

What do these YouTube Channels all have in common?

Well, by looking at just a sampling of the them it’s quickly apparent:

1. They are consistent. They all upload videos on a regular schedule. Some on a SET regular schedule (every Monday and Friday, for example).

2. They speak to a specific audience. Watch just a couple videos from each channel and you will notice that based on how the person is dressed, how they talk, how the camera cuts and pans… They are all speaking to a very specific audience.

3. They are unique, interesting, and memorable. None of these channels are boring. Chances are you are either going to love or hate each one, without a lot of middle room.

These three things are critical to building a culture around your business or idea.

Take what these YouTube “stars” are doing and scale it up just a little…

You will see major similarities between what they are doing and what companies like Apple are doing.


My new Book “The Money Brand” is designed to help you find, and DEEPLY CONNECT with an audience.

When done correctly, by following my steps, you will create a loyal base of repeat buyers.

Like Apple has, for example. Or Harley Davidson. Or the major players on YouTube 🙂

The thing I’m most excited about?

You can build a Money Brand around any system or business.

– It works for small business owners.
– It works for Fortune 500 businesses.
– It works for internet marketers.
– It works for network marketers.
– It even works for total beginners.

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