Funnels Suck

Why Funnels Are A Bunch Of Bullshit

The latest trend in the Internet Marketing world seem to be “funnels” which are basically multiple offers at different price points so you can upsell or downsell folks through your marketing systems and eventually into your highest value program.

Everyone’s selling funnel training, or offering it as a service, or pitching conferences about how to build them.

I think it’s a bunch of bullshit.

Look – You can make an enormous amount of money and build an ENTIRE BUSINESS around just one offer!

Instead of Funnels, just focus on:

  • Provide great customer support. Happy customers tell others.
  • Split test relentlessly to improve your conversions.
  • Hire an outside sales rep. Explore direct mail, or PPC ads or radio advertising. Reach more potential buyers.
  • Get your buyers on an email list and followup with related affiliate offers! Easy to implement, and ZERO overhead.


Until you’ve done all of the above, I wouldn’t even THINK about complicating things by adding a couple more products or offers that function as upsells and downsells…

No matter how many hucksters and jackholes proclaim them to be the next great thing.

Once you’ve got these items dialed in, maybe think about adding a sinlgeĀ upsell or crosssell. Then dial that one in too.

A wise man once told me that in order to strike gold, you want to dig one hole as deep as it will go. The people who dig fifteen shallow holes are the people who starve, go bankrupt, and get mocked by others.

Don’t be mocked by others. Stay focused and make your one good brand or product seriously awesome.

Only then should you worry about funnels!