Weekend Update

Weekly Update: Universe Shitting

The universe has an interesting way of shitting on your head just when you think you have everything dialed in and under control.

Case in point: I was feeling pretty good heading into this past weekend.

We had a full week under our belts without Wendy (who is still in Europe) and the house was clean, the kids were happy, and I was all caught up on bills, groceries, and clients.

Then I noticed Evans cat was acting a little strange.

By late Saturday evening he was really lethargic and on Sunday morning he was hunched over in pain, hiding under a bush in the yard.

So we rushed him to the animal ER.

Evan was extremely upset, and the only thing worse than a sick pet is a heartbroken kid.

They informed us that Bandit’s bladder was blocked and he would need life-saving surgery.

We said yes of course, even though it was expensive as shit.

It was a long, upsetting, and painful morning.

Surgery was successful though, and we picked Bandit up this morning along with thirty pages of detailed instructions, three different medications, and special food.

If you thought the universe was done with us, you would be wrong: As soon as we got home Evan started puking.

So he’s been dealing with the stomach flu all day, while his cat lays next to him recovering.


In other news, last weeks post on overbearing parents generated a huge response on Facebook and received a ton of comments on both sides of the argument.

If you have kids (or know someone who does) make sure to check it out and share your thoughts.