Weekend Update

Weekly Update: Soccer Junkies

Happy Monday, you worthless gang of deadbeats.
Hope you’re weekend went well.
Last week was good, but busy.
The kids have been all over the place, from soccer to sleepovers. I’m doing lots of yoga and working my tail off on both client stuff and also my digital business.
We’re also watching a boatload of soccer.
You would think with the Spanish La Liga and British Premiere League seasons over with, we would be watching less soccer…
But you would be wrong.
Between the Copa America tournament and also the Women’s World Cup, there’s been good games on damn near every single day. 
In the afternoons the sounds from the rainstorms and soccer games combine to create a perfect soundtrack to working on the laptops and drinking coffee.
In the evenings we drink beer and watch soccer while working on the laptops.
At this point, we need to just admit we are addicts. 
You know you’re a junkie when you’re screaming your head off at a Third Tier Class C U-21 Russian league game. Broadcast in Spanish.
Our new privacy fence is in now, so there’s lots of naked morning swims as well.
Wendy isn’t much of a fan and Rowan would be positively mortified at the thought…
But I myself am not bound by such conservative limitations.
Wendy leaves for Europe for three weeks next Sunday… And I’m plotting out how to keep the kids and clients running without her.
Because I’m an overachiever, I can’t be completely happy with “just” keeping things running.
I’m also planning ways to get my JEEP completely overhauled, my landscaping completely redone, finish a full tattoo arm sleeve, and get Rowan braces. And landing more clients.
All in the next 30 days.
Why not?