Weekend Update

Week In Review: 06/19/2015

It’s been a crazy week, and I won’t lie…

I’m glad it’s over. 

Mom’s birthday would have been last Thursday.

As most of you know, my mother finally passed away last week after a long, long illness. I’m grateful that she gets to move on to whatever happens next, but I’m also heartbroken.

There’s some guilt there too, because who feels grateful when their mom dies? 

But she was bedridden for three years with a breathing mask around-the-clock, so there’s definitely some happiness that this part of her journey is over.

Combined with guilt and sadness and relief and emptiness and love.

What a mind-fuck.

I also threw my back out cleaning the garage with Wendy and the kids, and I couldn’t move for two days.

Several chiropractor visits and massage appointments and icing sessions later and I’m finally able to walk again without looking like a crippled lobster…

But it still hurts like twelve bastards and I’m moving very carefully.

And of course the usual clients and projects and emergencies.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend working and doing yoga.

Sunday is Father’s Day and I will be floating in the pool all day, then serving up an Indian feast… 

Lamb Vindaloo (Carlos shared his family recipe), Saag Paneer, Samosas, and all the chutneys and rice and nan you could ever want.

Have a great weekend y’all!

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