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Conversion Case Study: The Case Of The Winning Wood Grain

Welcome my friends, to the first of many conversion case studies.

I call this conversion case study The Case Of The Winning Wood Grain and to tell the story properly, I need to take you back a couple months.

I was working with a new conversion consulting client who happened to be an old friend. Over the years we’ve done some stuff together, and I know him well. He’s a great guy.

His business is in the market research niche, showing folks how to do online market research to earn some bucks from home. His traffic model is primarily paid search.

Anyways, they were stuck at 33% opt-ins on the front-end of their PPC cold-traffic funnel, and they wanted some help.

So I built them a couple landing pages to test their current lander against.

One had a white background and a clean, corporate look…

And the other had a dark, rich, wood grain background like what you would find in a really nice office.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the page… But take a look at the image at the top of this post and you’ll get an idea.

Anyways, my client was definitely questioning the wood grain  page. His audience is, after all, mostly middle-aged women. I couldn’t even tell him why I wanted to test it…

Sometimes I just get hunches.

Scott Emails1

Now that’s a skeptical client!

Anyways, my landing pages immediately boosted his opt-ins from 33% to 45% which is pretty damn awesome…

But here’s what’s really interesting:

While both of my pages drastically improved conversions, they were both pretty much deadlocked at a 45% opt-in rate…

But the wood grain landing page almost DOUBLED the profits generated by the funnel!

Now, why the hell would that be?

After spending a couple of weeks thinking about it, this is what I’m guessing is happening:

Perhaps subconsciously women just respond on a visceral level to the thought of wealth and authority?

And even though they may THINK they just want to take some surveys at home while the kids are napping or to earn a little retirement income…

Maybe subconsciously they feel like it could lead to something much bigger, without us having to say as much?

Either way, I think this is a great example of the motivational power of subtle imagery.

I hope it helps!


The “Wood Grain” template is one of the templates that comes standard with Unbounce

I did make some pretty significant adjustments to it… But even so, if you work with a female audience you may want to test it out.


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All’s well that ends well! Another happy client 🙂