Sign Spinning

Sign Spinning Sucks

You’ve heard of sign spinning, right?

Maybe you’ve heard it called sign walking, or sign twirling, or sign waving…

This is when a local business hires someone to stand on a corner, hold a sign, and spaz out in an attempt to get people to stop in.

Small Business Owners: If you’re doing this, I have no fucking idea what your thinking.

Maybe it’s because you see other businesses doing it?

If so you have Yellow Pages Syndrome and you need to stop.

The Yellow Pages don’t work, yet tons of businesses continue to sink thousands of bucks into advertising with them.

Yellow Pages Syndrome.

So is that what you’re thinking?

Unless you’re a company like Little Caesars with a quick, easy to access offer (Stop in for a $5 pizza, hot and ready to take home) avoid this sort of advertising like the plague.

Think about it.

Do you really want a burned out carny or ex-con repping your business?

Or a pierced up goth kid, looking for weed money?

Wouldn’t you be better off setting up a free Facebook page, and getting people talking about your business?

Or a free Google places page, so your listing comes up on a google map on every smartphone in the world?


And consultants, or anyone with half a brain for Internet stuff:

If you see a douchebag standing on the street, holding a sign…

Stop in immediately and talk to the owner. Offer to help them for a couple hundred bucks a month.

They need you.