PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Powerpoint Presentation Tips

As one of the highest paid branding consultants on the planet, I frequently get called upon to create (or fix) PowerPoint presentations.

Most of these requests come from professional speakers (those who present from stage) or businesses who want to improve their videos and their video presentations.

Invariably if I am asked to fix an existing presentation, the same things are always wrong with them…

So here’s my top three tips for creating memorable PowerPoint presentations:

1. Don’t use too many spins, flips, dissolves, or other transitions. Wacky effects just distract from your message. Keep it simple.

2. Never use more than 10 or so words per slide. Ever. Look – you don’t want people reading… You want them listening! If you are going to have them read, you might as well give them a handout, or a written sales letter.

3. Use more images. And don’t ever use clip art, or cheesy stock stuff. Invest in high quality professional stock images:


Always remember – The goal of PowerPoint is to communicate VISUALLY. Rather than show ten bullets stuffed with facts about ocean pollution, for example…

Show a big, high quality image of dead fish, washed up on the beach.
Now that creates impact! And as the audience takes in the image, TELL them the facts instead.

These tips will help you create stunning presentations. Put them into action, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!