Online Docu-Series Model

Understanding The Mega-Profitable Online Docu-Series Model

If you keep your ear to the ground, there’s a couple of online business models that are real popular right now as we head into the summer of 2019.

One of them, obviously, is eCommerce. We’re working with several clients right now who run successful Shopify or Woo-Commerce stores that sell everything from car sealants to bowling balls.

Another is starting a small Agency. Agencies seem to be springing up everywhere, offering everything from local SEO to Social Media marketing.

A third model that’s working really well (and has been for a couple years now) is one you may not have heard of called the Online Docu-Series Model.

This model involves finding, licensing, or creating a documentary film, the splitting it up into 7-10 “episodes” and airing them online for free.

The majority of these Docu-Series films center around health issues (vaccines, diabetes, stem cells) but I have seen some that have targeted other verticals besides health.

We’ve worked on several of these big Doc-Series launches now, including:

  • The Sacred Plant, which uncovered the healing power of medicinal cannabis…
  • The Healing Miracle, which revealed the latest research in using Stem Cells for healing purposes…
  • Health Secret, who have produced a number of these, including Auto-Immune Secrets, and Bible Health Secrets…
  • And Revealed Films, the filmmakers behind Vaccines Revealed, GMO’s Revealed, and Christ Revealed.

We’ve provided Creative Direction, Conversion Strategy, and Direct Response Design for a number of these Online Docu-Series Model launches, and they’ve proven to be extremely profitable, generating thousands of opt-ins and millions in sales.

But as cool as this model is, it actually isn’t new.

In fact, these guys are really just…

Improving On A Model That Already Worked!

If you’ve been marketing online for nearly two decades like I have, then this model might seem familiar.

Back in the day, we used to run Teleseminar Summits, which covered one main topic and featured a series of live interviews with experts over the course of a week or two.

These eventually evolved into Webinar Summits, but the only thing that changed really was the platform:

Marketers switched from audio-only tools like Rick Raddatzs’ Instant Teleseminar towards tools like GotoWebinar as bandwidth improved to allow video.

The model stayed the same though:

  • Plan a launch that gets as many people as possible signed up to attend the online event.
  • Offer those people the opportunity to listen to or watch the interviews for free, they just have to opt-in to an email newsletter list…
  • Immediately offer them the opportunity to not just access the episodes live and within the 1-2 day replay window… But FOREVER when they buy the upsell for the digital package.
  • Air the episodes live, offer a 1-2 day replay window… Then shut the episodes down forever unless people act on the scarcity and buy the package.

This model has been responsible for making a lot of people a lot of money online.

In fact, back in the day I actually planned and executed a couple of these myself…

Including something called “The Get Healthy Summit” which involved my old friend Theo and I interviewing 25 Natural Health experts, including Yuri Elkaim, Drew Canole (Organifi), and Matt Monarch from The Raw Food World!

Online Summit Example

Anyways, I believe the Doc-Series was pioneered by Ty Bollinger and the original team at The Truth About Cancer

But the model sprung from a rich history of Teleseminar/Webinar Summits, and generally the Document-Series model follows the same format with a couple of notable improvements…

Including the fact that the upsell now includes multiple package options, including an option to receive a physical package (DVD’s, printed transcripts) in the mail as well.

How Well Does The Online Docu-Series Model Work?

Consider this: I personally know a good handful of marketers who have executed this model to the tune of multiple millions of dollars in the last couple years alone.

Paid Ads are usually run during a sophisticated pre-launch and launch, promoting each episode…

And Affiliates are heavily recruited to do the same, which can lead to a truly staggering number of opt-ins and package sales.

Many of these companies are now splitting off and selling their own custom supplement blends as well to further monetize their growing audiences.

We’ve enjoyed working on these projects.

The films we’ve helped launch have helped hundreds of thousands of people to address a wide range of ailments…

And we’ve had the pleasure of working with (and learning from) some truly talented specialists in this space, including Manny Goldman, Brett Fairall, Timmy Centner, Ben Teal, Jamie McKean, Tracy Magee-Graham, and others.

Are you operating in the Online Docu-Series space?

If so, reach out! We would love to work with you.

And if you’ve found this blog post interesting or informative, make sure to leave me a comment and let me know.