I Hate My Business

Notes For Entrepreneurs Who Hate Their Business

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, there’s probably going to come a time when you wake up one morning and realize you hate your business.

Maybe it’s already happened.

I’ve been there myself, and it’s a painful realization. You see, as entrepreneurs we’re taught to be grateful. We’re taught to believe in abundance and the law of attraction.

And so when I realized I hated my business, it was a tough pill to swallow.

I didn’t want to admit it because truthfully, I had a lot to be grateful for.

I work from home. I wear surf trunks and rarely wear shoes. I get to take time off pretty much whenever I want to hang with my kids, do yoga, or eat lunch at one of my favorite spots.

So life was good…

And yet I dreaded opening my laptop every morning.

Somehow… The passion I had when I started my business was gone. It had vaporized like a fart in the wind.

I hated what I was doing, but I was doing it anyway because it paid the bills and allowed me to live the way I wanted.

But that’s some bullshit, right?

So I decided I couldn’t just ignore the problem and go on doing stuff I hated doing.

I don’t know about you, but one of the main reasons I started my own business in the first place was because I didn’t want to spend my life doing shit that didn’t inspire me! I didn’t want to be one of those Entrepreneurs who hate their business.

I wasn’t willing to settle for that, and if you’re still reading this I guess you feel the same way.

Accept It For What It Is.

Just because your business has changed, or the industry has changed, or your business is no longer as profitable as it once was… Does NOT mean that you are a failure.

Businesses change, shift, and grow all the time.

Noted Brand Strategist, speaker, and author (of one my favorite books) Marty Neumeier once told me that his first business was designing software boxes for big companies like Adobe and Microsoft, back when software boxes and computer stores were actually a thing.

But the Internet got fast, bandwidth and download speeds became less of an issue, and computer stores started closing.

The business changed, so he had to change with it.

Marty told me to expect 3-5 changes like that during my career as an entrepreneur, so I’ll tell you the same thing.

Most businesses change. It’s rare for a business to not change and evolve, just like it’s rare for an entrepreneur to not change and evolve.

So accept things for what they are.

Be okay with it.

Decide Where You Really Are.

Once you’ve decided change is in order, what are your options?

Well, you’ve basically got three of them:

  1. Realign your business and turn it into something that fits your goals and desires again.
  1. Figure out a way to “remove yourself” from your business by outsourcing, automating, or hiring.
  1. Sell your business so you can get some equity out of the damn thing, and move on to something else with a little equity to show for your efforts.

Which Option Is Best For You?

There is no right answer, just the answer that’s right for you.

Would you be happy if you were working with the same people, only doing different work for them?

If so, you may just need to realign your personal goals and your business goals with your audience expectations.

Would you be happy if you could just remove 2-3 of the tasks that you hate the most? Or do you want to work a lot less, so that you can focus on other things?

If so, outsourcing, hiring, or automating may work great for you.

Do you feel like you really need a complete change of scenery, something totally different?

If so, you may want to position your business for a sale.

Either way, realizing you have a problem and deciding to address it are huge, important first steps…

So congratulations!

I have been through this several times now with my own businesses, and I can tell you the process of going through all three of the options listed above is both rewarding and liberating.

At Stafford Marketing, we help Entrepreneurs who hate their business to re-align their business, reignite their passion, or gracefully move on to what’s next.

Need help? Feel free to reach out and let’s schedule a time to chat!