No Brown M&M’s!

Remember 80’s rock band Van Halen? Well, here’s something you probably didn’t know…

When Van Halen would tour back in the 80’s, they had a concert rider (Which is basically a contract) that specifically FORBID Brown M&M’s.


Most people assumed it was because they were rich and spoiled, but they actually had a damn good reason for doing it…

A very clever reason!

According to the group, the “M&M provision” was included to make sure that promoters had ACTUALLY read its lengthy contract.

If Brown M&M’s were in the backstage candy bowl, Van Halen assumed that more important aspects of a performance (Lighting, staging, security, ticketing) may have been botched as well.

Interesting, right?

So tell me: What’s your Brown M&M?

We all know how short people’s attention spans are…

So how do you get (and keep) people reading your content?

Here’s a couple easy ways:

1. When you’re writing pages, focus on the headline. It’s the most important component of every page: It’s your chance to get people interested and get them reading.

Make the headline as big as you can. And it should be all sizzle, and no steak.

Make bold claims. Always make true claims, but make them bold.

2. Do you know what the Zeigarnik effect is? You need to make sure and use it… And if you don’t know what it is, I’ll tell you in a minute…

The title of this post is a great example…

You probably read it and thought “Brown M&M’s? What the heck is Erik talking about?”

Then you started reading.

Anyways, there’s a couple Brown M&M’s you can use to make sure people are reading your stuff.

And it’s really, really important that they do, because the only way to make sales is to build a relationship…

Which builds trust. And people buy from people they trust!

By the way…

The Zeigarnik effect is the act of creating suspense by bringing something up, and leaving it hanging. Like I did with item #2, up above.

Remember the show Batman, with Adam West? They were pros at the Zeigarnik effect: Every show ended with a cliff-hanger.

And sure enough, I ALWAYS tuned in the next week, just to see what would happen.

Human nature is to remember those sort of things, and when someone brings something up and doesn’t resolve it, it always sort of bounces around in your head like a pinball.

It keeps people reading!