Turkey Gumbo 2: The Finished Product!

The Foodie Chronicles: Making Turkey Gumbo

Every year we take our leftover turkey and make sandwiches on the Friday after Thanksgiving… Then that weekend, we take our leftover leftovers and make a turkey gumbo.

We got busy last weekend so we pushed the gumbo till this evening…

But a cold front moved through SouthWest Florida today and the temperature dropped like a stone, so tonight’s the perfect night to do it anyways 😁

A great gumbo starts with a great roux, which is only two ingredients but surprisingly tricky to execute.

You combine a cup of oil with a cup of flour and stir constantly as it goes from blonde to brown, then from brown to deep chocolate depending how you like it.

Then you add the trinity: chopped onions, celery, and green peppers…

Then some garlic and andouille sausage while constantly stirring the whole time.

Let the fat render out of the sausage a little…

Then a couple bay leaves, 4-5 cups of turkey stock (strained and saved from the holidays) and let the whole thing simmer for a couple hours.

When it’s almost done and perfectly thick, add the last of the leftover turkey. It doesn’t need long since it’s already cooked and you don’t want it to turn into mush.

Serve over rice and sprinkle with some green onions and parsley.

Not too bad for a Midwest boy 😜