Making A Proper Lamb Vindaloo

The Foodie Chronicles: Making A Proper Lamb Vindaloo

I used to make ghetto-ass Indian food by throwing a bunch of lamb, butter, tomatoes, and turmeric into a pot and letting it cook for awhile.

It wasn’t until Carlos had us over for dinner and blew my mind that it dawned on me:

A good curry is made like a good gumbo. It requires layers of flavors that simmer and build on each other over time.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Caramelize some onions with butter, salt, pepper, and a little paprika. Let them sweat.

2. Add the lamb and sear it with some diced hot peppers. A note on the lamb: Buy the cheap pieces, and cut them into cubes… Then rub and marinate them with olive oil, Tumeric, and Cumin.

3. Add tomato paste and stewed tomatoes. Keep stirring.

4. Add half a jar of Patak’s curry paste (I like the vindaloo) and keep stirring, keep watching.

5. Bring it to a boil… Then add chopped carrots, and immediately turn down to low.

6. Let it cook it forever. Honestly, the longer you let it go, the better it will be. Try giving it an hour. If the meat doesn’t melt in your mouth, give it another hour.

7. Season to taste. Add more curry paste if you like it hot, or a dash of sugar if you don’t.

Serve with naan bread and rice. Enjoy, and never eat Indian takeout again unless your local place is absolutely stellar…

Or unless you live near me or Carlos 🙂