Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas

Hey guys:)

So a couple days ago I was sitting in the airport, leaving Las Vegas.

Watching flights zoom down the runway with people playing slots ten feet away. Crazy.

I was out there for JVAlert, which was totally amazing. I got to spend time with friends like Ken McArthur, Harris Fellman, and others…

And also made connections with Mari Smith, Chris Haddad, and a bunch more mega-talented people that I am sure will factor into my future success.

Anyways, enough name-dropping and shout-outs… the bottom line is that live events are that rare opportunity to creep out of my cave and actually spend REAL TIME with others who share my passion for technology and marketing. It’s always inspiring and exciting.

I was invited to sit on the experts panel again, which is a great thrill for me… and even better is the fact that I got to meet some of our clients in person. It was amazing to put faces to names and actually sit down and chat after spending so much time communicating long distance through the computer.

What an odd place though… Vegas. All the lights, signs, and opportunities…

Yes, opportunity. Las Vegas sells opportunity: the opportunity to be entertained by a show, to see something incredible, and everywhere (even at the airport) the opportunity to get rich.

To hit the jackpot!

And it got me thinking:

Opportunity is GREAT… but it has to be the right kind of opportunity.

I like to think of it as planned or calculated opportunity… and once you put the wheels in motion you need to execute and launch. You can’t hop around from opportunity to opportunity looking to get rich.

This is what’s wrong with our current economy.

Instead of looking for actual solutions to existing problems, the government is looking for a “quick fix” which is absolutely the wrong way to approach things…

It’s just like the people who email me and tell me “I need to make $$$XXX in the next two days… can you help?” I always say NO… because I believe you need a plan, and time to execute.

Anyways, it’s time we (as a country) left Las Vegas. Stopped looking for quick fixes and started planning and implementing strategies.

And if you are looking to quit your job, start a business, grow a business…

It’s probably time you do the same.