Luxury Hotel

Inside The Grand Opening Of A Luxury Hotel

I was chatting with an old friend the other day, and he told me some interesting stories about his time spent working at a luxury hotel in Seattle.

Maybe “luxury” isn’t the right word.

This place wasn’t just luxurious…

If I told you the name, you’d instantly recognize it and visions of BMW’s and 900-count Egyptian Cotton sheets would dance through your head.

Anyways, my buddy Jacob was hired right out of college and given a job as a bell hop.

His entire training focused on “anticipating the needs of the client” and according to Jacob, they talked about things like “customer experience” and “unparalleled excellence.”

I would have expected that.

Of course a luxury hotel brand would try to educate its employees about the culture.

Here’s what was unexpected though:

The hotel was brand new to Seattle.

They weren’t even open yet, but they STILL paid my friend a full paycheck for three weeks.

And what did he have to do to earn it?

Nothing… Just read a manual and attend a couple of training meetings.

That’s it.


The day before the grand opening, they assembled every single new employee in the lobby for a first look at the hotel, in all it’s gleaming beauty.

Hundreds of housekeepers, bell hops, clerks, cooks, and valets all gathered to “ooh” and “aah” at the marble floors, and the thousand-dollar flower arrangements peppered throughout the lobby…

Then music kicked up, and all the managers started clapping for the employees…

Who were then led down a hallway to a banquet room.

They shook hands with the general manager, who introduced himself personally to each new employee, and thanked them for being part of the team.

Then Jacob and the rest of the new employees were given a small gift and a name tag, and let into the ballroom…

Where there was a jazz band, a beautiful 5 course dinner for all 600 of them, and an open bar ALL NIGHT.

Interesting right?

I asked Jacob how it felt, and his answer was the reason I felt this story might apply to YOU.

He said, “I had the hugest grin on my face the WHOLE night. I’d never been treated like that, eaten food like that. And the general manager and all the big wigs were there, hanging out with us…

It helped me really understand what our guests were expecting, and it also made me feel like part of a big family. I felt like we were all working together on something that mattered.”


This company wanted to show it’s new employees what it felt like to be one of the hotel’s guests so they could better serve them.

Better understand the company’s brand, the company’s message.

And while you might not have employees…

You do have a blog or a website, and maybe a help desk, and
certainly some social media accounts…

They work for you.

Or they’re supposed to, anyways… Right?

So let me ask you:

Do they do a great job of conveying your message?

Something to think about.

It all comes down to branding – Making sure your always speaking a consistent unique message to your customers.