Spotting Opportunities

How To Spot Opportunities

I’ve been back from the Caribbean for about a week now, and settling into my routine. It feels good.

Hopefully things are good in your neck of the woods, too 🙂

Lots of interesting projects on the deck over here that I will be sharing with you over the coming weeks. Hopefully this “glimpse” into my process for making money will help you craft yours 🙂

And for me, it always starts with whats around me.


What you notice (that’s around you ALL the time) changes depending on where you are MENTALLY.

It’s crazy…

But whatever your focus is – That’s what you notice.

When we had our first child all those years ago, I remember suddenly I heard babies crying everywhere.

Like they sprung out of the woodwork or something. They were always there, I just never noticed 🙂

This ever happen to you?


There was a time when I couldn’t watch a movie without commenting on the beginning title sequence.

What font was being used, and how.

Coincidentally, during that time I was studying typography (fonts) really heavily. I was also playing with an animation software called Flash all the time.

The movie thing drove Wendy crazy 🙂

Today, whenever I drive anywhere… I always notice the roads, berms, and sidewalks. Not surprisingly, I’m really into cycling at the moment.

So I notice roads.

Crazy, eh?


I want to encourage you to look at the world through IDEA EYES.

When you do, ways to make money will materialize faster than you can deal with them 🙂

Now… I don’t mean surfing the web and buying “solutions” or systems.


What I mean is to always be thinking of creative ways to help others.

To always be open to building around your interests.

Stuff like that.

I want you to be open to partnerships, outside-the-box agreements, joint-ventures, and new directions.

In the next month, for example, I’m launching websites and systems to help a friend of mine sell boats.

He needs more leads, and I understand the web.

BINGO! A perfect opportunity.

He’s paying me a percentage of his commissions, and I never have to sell anything.

I just need to get his phone to ring 🙂

Between now and the end of the summer, I am also working on a reggae website, a video game review website, and a website aimed at law firms and accountants.

All of these projects sprang to life because of my idea eyes.

Make sense?