Facebook Fundraising

Fundraising On Facebook

So my son Evan has made the (traveling) soccer team here in the area.

He’s been trying for a couple years now, so it’s kinda a big deal around the Stafford house.

Since there’s tournaments and branded gear and travel involved now, there’s a team mom and we have to vote on various things at parents meetings.

It’s much more CORPORATE.

So anyways, we get the fundraising flyer, and it’s filled with horrible options…

Stuff like selling coupon books and doing car washes and garage sales.

All of the options involve either standing in the sun melting, or selling junk food to our friends and family.


The coupon book is like 75% pizza and ice cream and sub shops…

Stuff we NEVER eat.

The thought of standing in public trying to sell them fills me with dread.

And so of course, I’m not happy.

So we get to the meeting and I pitch something a little smarter:

Let’s let our friends and family members buy a “season pass” to a private Facebook group where they can access videos, photos, and trip reports as the season progresses.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Domain Name with a page with some photos, a little copy, and a PayPal button.
  2. Once people pay they get redirected back to the website to a second page that thanks them for their purchase and links them to the private group.
  3. We manually check the requests against the paypal purchases… And let the buyers into the private group.
  4. All the parents are Admin’s of the group, so we can all post photos, videos, and written trip reports… And also delete any photos of our own children that we may not like.

Sweet, eh?

Here’s how I pitched it to the team, in case it helps you:


I’ll build a private Facebook page for our team. Accessing the page will cost $25 for the season, so our friends and extended family can watch our boys play through the season!


  • All payments will happen automatically through the web.
  • This page is private. Only the members that we approve can see anything.
  • We post photos, videos, and trip reports to the page. All parents can be “administrators” of the page so they can add images and videos, and also delete any photos they don’t like or want available online.
  • All we need to make this happen is an approved PayPal account to send the payments to. I can build everything else.
  • We promote the page through social media and also via email to our friends and family.
  • We can also leave the page for next seasons team and they can inherit a built-in fundraising vehicle!


If each of us can get 8 people (friends, grandparents, etc etc) to sign up, we can raise $2,200.

Down the road, we can also sell shirts and coffee mugs with each of our kids names and/or jersey numbers on them for additional funds.

These items can include the Team logo or not, depending on the legalities involved with that.

So that’s it. Fundraising 2.0, baby!

If you’re tired of standing in front of the local grocery store in the boiling sun pimping candy bars, you may want to give it a try with your team or sports club.