Goals Framework

A Framework For Setting And Reaching Goals

I thought I would share some thoughts on the process I use to turn a massive goal into a massive reality.

#1. For this post to be useful, you’ll have to have a clearly defined goal… So if you don’t have one, set one.

It can be any goal… Even the wrong goal is better than no goal, because goals often change and that’s fine.

So set a goal. And be specific!

  • I want to take my family to Paris for a week next spring break.
  • I want to make an extra $2,500/month by 2017 so I can get a nicer car and pay for private ballet lessons for my daughter.
  • I want to lose 30 pounds by Christmas.

#2. Once you’ve set that goal, take it off your dream-board (or out of your head) and put it into a calendar. Literally, pick a DEADLINE…

Or block that week off in your calendar.

#3. Work backwards and figure out what has to happen for you to hit your goal by that day. Create micro goals that support your bigger goal…

And put them in your calendar.

This allows you to show up in small ways on a daily or weekly basis and work towards that bigger goal.

For example:

My goal is to spend next summer in Europe. This starts by looking at the kids school calendar and blocking out the dates we can leave, and the dates we have to be back.

In this case, the kids get out May 28th.

We will want a little time to decompress and prep for the trip, so we will look at leaving mid-week the week of June 1st.

They start up again in early August, and we will want some time when we get home to get settled and buy school supplies and clothes, etc. etc. so we will look to return the last week of July.

Even if the kids decide to do other stuff next summer (goals change, remember?) I still know the dates I’m working with for Wendy and I.

This allows me to set alerts for those initial flights (Florida – Boston, New York, or Atlanta, and onwards to London) during those dates so I can start hunting for deals.

Then I can block off certain dates I want to spend in certain cities.

  • June 4-11: London
    June 11-17: Ireland
    June 17-20: Back to London
    June 20-30: Paris
    June 30-July 22: Barcelona

Blocking dates in the calendar like this now let’s me start looking for AirB&B rentals in each city during those dates.

I can also start looking at theater/film class and soccer camp opportunities for the kids in Barcelona during the three weeks we will be there…

And searching for cool events, festivals, soccer matches, or shows that are happening during the time we will be in each place.

As the kids get closer to making a decision on joining us or not, I can start to pick off expenses one at a time as extra money shows up in my life.

I can reserve the London AirB&B one week…

Pick up the flights from Paris to Barcelona another week… Etc. etc. and so on.

Same concept on any goal.

If your goal is to lose 30 pounds by Christmas, that’s 15 pounds per month, roughly 3 pounds/week.

Set time aside and focus on one workout or meal at a time and track your progress.

If your goal is extra income, develop a product or service and breakdown what you need to charge and how many sales/clients you need to reach that number.

Then… Just show up and act in accordance with your goals 🙂

A goal without a plan (or the action you take to reach it) is just a pipe-dream.

Pipe dreams are fine. Realize this.

I always wanted to open a restaurant. Become skilled at playing guitar. Hike the entire Appalachian trail.

I haven’t planned these goals out in a calendar or taken any action to reach them, so guess how I’m doing?