Direct Response

Direct Response Branding: Conversion tips

Over the course of working with clients for almost ten years (doing branding exercises, designing identity packages, and turning those assets into websites and direct mail materials) several tips and tricks have proven to create the most response time and time again.

Here they are, so you can apply them to your business:

1. Copy works. Trust me, as a “design guy” I didn’t want to hear this at first, but the numbers don’t lie. Write some compelling sales copy, or hire a professional to do it for you.

2. Blue underlined links work best on websites. Period. No matter how “icky” you might think they look…. they flat-out work. When the link changes to a different color when you hover over, it converts even better.

3. Not only do poor quality photos look bad… but in most of my tests they also hurt conversion rates. Same when they are just jammed into the page, no matter what size they are.

A great example of this would be a page for a live event, where each speaker has a bio and an image… and the designer just jams whatever photos they can find into the page: some black and white, some color, some rectangular, some square.

Come on guys: you can do better.

4. Pictures of attractive, young women tend to convert better than images of men in most of the markets I have tested. It does matter what you’re selling and who your audience is.

5. Black pages with white text on them: Just don’t even go there.

I hope this helps and would love any of you design/marketing professionals to share your thoughts!