Conversion Case Study

Conversion Case Study: The Soccer Sequence

I call this conversion case study The Soccer Sequence.

To tell the story properly, I need to start by explaining that my son Evan is a competitive soccer player, and so we’re always researching clinics, camps, and programs both here in Southwest Florida and also in other states and countries.

His favorite team is FC Barcelona and his favorite player is Lionel Messi… And so of course we signed up to learn more about the FC Barcelona youth camps.

The website has some decent information and we had hoped the emails would too…

But they don’t.

All FC Barcelona sends via emails is occasional reminders of upcoming camps…

Which lead to a short page where I can spend a bunch of money and sign Evan up.

That’s it.

It’s a travesty…

A wasted opportunity to build the FC Barcelona tribe and fan base, increase profits, and educate, inform, and inspire youngsters all at the same time.

FC Barcelona Email

FC Barcelona Email – Is this the best you can do? Come on, guys!

And so, just in case someone at FC Barcelona somehow finds this page, here’s a few suggestions for things that can be done to get more subscribers, treat them better and inspire them, build relationships with them, and ultimately, get more money from them:

  1. Send out training videos with famous, recognizable players in them.
  1. Record testimonials from famous, recognizable players who went through your camps or youth programs.
  1. Offer raffles, quizzes, surveys, and random drawings. Rewards for winners could include merchandise, tickets to games, or even discounts on training camps.
  1. Speaking of merchandise… Sell merchandise!
  1. Create an official FC Barcelona training video or series of training videos. This will appeal to those who can’t afford to attend a full camp.
  1. Send out bios and interviews with the coaches so kids and parents can get to know them a little prior to attending. This will also help prospects make a connection with the coaches and increase sales.
  1. Same with “behind the scenes” or “a day in the life of” posts from kids who have attended previous camps. This lets kids and parents envision themselves in that position themselves.
  1. Send out an email with a list of frequently asked questions. This can help cancel out any reservations parents may potentially have prior to committing.
  1. Follow up with a phone call! Or if you don’t have your prospects phone numbers, give them the option to call with questions and talk with a real, live human.
  1. Proof! Record testimonials from parents and kids who have attended in the past, talking about how great it was and how much they learned.

I hope this helps…

And again, if you work at FC Barcelona and this post has helped you guys, please send an autographed Messi jersey to my son Evan in lieu of my normal consulting fees.