Bad Marketing

Bad Marketing Examples

It’s out there, lurking in the shadows… Begging for change and bumming cigarettes and pissing people off.

It’s good marketing… gone bad.

You can find it online, slumming around the dark corners of the Internet… And you can find it offline in print ads and radio spots and on your local television.

Here’s three examples of great marketing tactics that are used wrong by nearly everyone:

1. Email Marketing. Is there a more misunderstood, more misused form of marketing in the world today? It really shouldn’t be that hard, but I still receive boring, pushy, shitty emails every single day. Come on, people!

Make your emails fun and engaging. Provide value, be compelling and interesting!

Mail regularly, and respect your lists. Treat your subscribers like real people, and you’ll do well.

If you’re looking to dive into Email Marketing (or looking to learn how to actually do it the right way) you should check out the Email Marketing Course Brian McLeod and I created last year:

2. Social Media. So you post an endless barrage of hype-filled sales messages, eh? How’s that working out for you? Not that good, I’m guessing. Try an 80/10/10 balance: 50% engaging and interesting stuff, 40% personal stuff, and 10% business/sales stuff.

And for God’s sake – Quit adding me to events and groups without asking first!

3. Webinars. If you want me to spend my time joining you on live webinars, keep me interested and try not to be too pushy. Provide value! And notice how I said LIVE webinars? If you’re trying to use automated webinars, that’s cool…

But don’t try to fool me into thinking it’s live when I know it’s not.

That’s just shitty.

Notice a theme running through these three tactics?

That’s right… Start with VALUE first. Don’t be a moron.

Be fun and engaging and ethical and memorable… and these three platforms can work wonders for your business!