Alan Bechtold

Alan Bechtold – Rest In Peace, My Friend.

FullSizeRenderAlan Bechtold was marketing on the internet before there was an Internet.

He started on dial-up BBS systems and built several highly profitable businesses over the years with nothing but his bare hands and his eye for opportunity.

Direct mail. Phone sales. Continuity. Ebooks… The list goes on and on… Alan did all of it before most of us even knew what it was.

Alan had hundreds of paid subscribers to his $97/month printed newsletter when we met TEN YEARS AGO.

He was a GIANT of a man, a joy to be around and someone who had forgotten more about marketing than most of us will ever know.

Through good times and bad, he was a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration.


I’m leaving this post here in honor of my friend, and I hope others will leave stories, photos, and other tributes below.

UPDATE: I believe Marc Goldman is organizing some sort of ongoing tribute in honor of Alan, to help others become aware of his work and also point any profits or donations towards charities that would have mattered to Alan. As I learn more, I will post it below.