Spotting Opportunities For Growth

Spotting Opportunities For Growth

Years ago, in high school, I was a graffiti artist.

Which meant I was always on the lookout for nice, white concrete walls that would be perfect for murals.

And because I was looking for them, I found them EVERYWHERE.

In college I got really into design, so of course I started watching for layout and fonts and different typeface treatments.

During this time, watching a movie with me was probably a real pain in the ass. I was more into the title sequence than I was the actual movie!

And of course once I had a child, I became really tuned into the sound of crying babies. I never noticed the sound before but suddenly that’s all I heard.

I think these experiences illustrate the following point:

You’re going to notice different sights and sounds throughout your life based on whatever you’re into at that moment in time.

And if you’re servicing clients as a freelancer or consultants, I want to encourage you to tune into opportunities to grow your business.

Look for them.

When you spot them, spark a conversation!

Once you get good at this, you can write your own ticket.

As an example, here’s what happened to me yesterday:

On my way to my morning meetings, I heard a radio spot for a new restaurant opening here in Southwest Florida where I live. Some down-home cooking type country place, with a bunch of whiskey and moonshine on tap.

So I Googled them while I was at a stoplight and the only thing I could find was a bare-bones Facebook business page, and a listing on the Chamber of Commerce website that included (of all things) the phone number of the owner!

So I called him and left a voicemail, and asked if they were open yet. I told him I couldn’t wait to try the food…

And almost as an after-thought, I asked him give a call back if he needed any help with his web marketing 🙂


After my morning meetings, I headed to yoga.

I was sitting outside yoga waiting for my class to open up… Just sitting there, writing an email on my phone and enjoying a little sunshine…

When a lady came out of the business next door and began taking pictures of the store.

Now, I’m a friendly bastard and I also know they’ve been building a hair and nail salon in that space…

So I guessed this was probably the owner, and she probably wanted some photos of her new business storefront now that it was finally open.

It was a big day for her!

So I said, “Hey, would you like me to take a picture of you with the sign?”

She declined, but we got to talking. She asked me if I was waiting for yoga, and I said yes. Told her how much yoga has helped me. I congratulated her on her new venture, and she smiled and said thanks.

She told me she was new to the area and had just moved down from Ohio.


Small world, right? I told her Wendy and I met at Ohio State and before I knew it she was taking me on a full tour of her new salon.

After all the appropriate oohs and aahs I told her:

“I’m a full time Internet Marketer. Happy to help you with a website or any internet marketing you might need. And if you don’t have a budget for that stuff I’m happy to give you some free advice.”

We exchanged numbers and scheduled a meeting for next week.


Inside yoga, before class started, I overheard a lady talking about one of her social media clients.

Wait… What?

So I asked some questions and sure enough, she services clients. I’m sure I can refer some work to her at some point, and she as much as told me that they get asked about SEO all the time!

This is a great opportunity to partner with someone local and create another automated lead source!

I know this is going to sound crazy, but I turn encounters (like the ones described above) into clients all the time.

And I don’t believe I’m any smarter or better at sales than you are.

I’m really not.

It’s just a matter of spotting opportunities and creating conversations.

Anyways, I hope this post inspires you to go out and get more clients!

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