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If so, you should pop on over to Stafford Marketing and take a look around. Some Stafford Marketing products are available as simple eBooks, while others are full memberships, complete with videos, templates, and downloadable worksheets.

Topics generally cover different aspects of marketing online, but we have been known to also create offline marketing courses, and also dabble in different markets that interest us (eating healthy, saving the planet, being good parents) as well.

Interested in Joint Ventures? 

Maybe your new product, software, book, or service is a great fit for my email subscribers or blog readers, or maybe my products are perfect for your customers. Either way, contact me through my HelpDesk and I’m happy to explore the opportunities with you.

One thing to keep in mind here: I rarely promote “Internet Marketing” stuff to my tribe. My peeps trust me to treat them right, and I do. So your offer better have real value, and not be any of that “gold bricks from the sky” type of shit.

Have a question about one of my old training products? Need a refund?

If you have questions or need a refund, your best bet is to contact me through my HelpDesk and we will get you squared away lickity-split.